"I'll Be Back"  

Hey everybody! I got overwhelmed, in over my head.... Life grabbed me by the leg and pulled me under for a while. I am still treading water and looking for that set of floaties I know I had at one point, but I am breathing and that is good. Shore is in sight.

Soooooooo, I want to start blogging again. My life has changed, my address has changed, lots of things have changed. Now it is time for this blog to change. A new name and a new look are on the way. Stay tuned. I'll be back.

Fermented cod liver oil giveaway over at Keeper of the Home!  

I understand that many of you are wrinkling up your nose as you read this, but for those of us who know the benefits of fermented cod liver oil this is a chance we can't pass up! Having a son on the autistic spectrum and not a lot of money to spend on supplements for him, I am absolutely giddy with the prospect of winning TEN bottles of one of the most important, nutrient dense, whole foods supplements he could take! Thank you for this giveaway, Keeper of the Home!

EDIT: Looks like she revised her post to clarify that it is ONE bottle for each of TEN WINNERS. Oh well, I still want to win one.