Pickle's Thoughts on a Proper Farm  

While snuggling with Pickle, we talked about our future farm and what we would grow... he said potatoes. We talked about names for cows... he thinks Sukie is "a wealy bootifuh name" but he likes Daisy, too. We talked about chicken names... he likes Poppy, & thinks the cow & chickens need to share a barn. And he wants to be a cowboy & share the barn too, & keep his hair cut like a boy on a farm.

Pickle Quotes  

Here are just a few Pickle quotes from yesterday... most were said before 12 o'clock.

Me: "I love snuggling with you!"
Pickle: "Aw, you ah so cuuute."

Pickle: "It time to go to Nanny house?"
Me: "We're not going to Nanny's house today."
Pickle: "Oh, ok.... affer lunch?"

[While palying with my hair]
"I like you cuhly ha-er."

[While holding the controler for an RC truck and running full tilt]
"Momma look! I push da red buttens en I SUPUH FASS BOY!"

[Putting on his Auburn cap]
Pickle: "Momma, I wa-rin my tiger hat!"
Me: "Yep"
Pickle: "Tiger rih-wee ANGWY. He angwy tiger."

[Playing with his toy animals]
"One di-saur figh udder di-saur [fighting sounds].... Poooor di-saur."

And my absolute favorite Pickle quote of the day...
"Momma, a liddle bird ow-side, was seeenin' Jesus Luz Me."