Another Leftover Makeover  

Fried chicken and mashed potatoes just go together. And if you have any leftover, this is what you can do with them (Granny Trudy showed me this). It's so simple --this will be a short post.

If you have fried chicken strips, then just cut them into bite-sized pieces. If you have bone-in fried chicken, then pull it off the bone, trying to keep as much breading intact as you can (I also pull the crispy breading off the bones and add that to the meat). Then, cut it into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.

Put about 3 TBSP of butter in a skillet on medium heat. After butter melts, add 2 TBSP flour. [These measurements will depend on how much chicken you have.] Mix it together and let it cook for a minute. Stir in milk and/or chicken stock, depending on what you have. Keep stirring 'til smooth but don't let it start thickening yet. Add the chicken and gently stir 'til the gravy is thickened and chicken is warmed thru. Season to taste. Spoon over warmed mashed potatoes.


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