Gardening Goof  

I have a gardening tip for everyone... If the spot you want to plant in, has Bermuda grass growing in it, whatever you do, DON'T TILL IT!!!

Each and every little bitty piece of grass that was cut up and buried by the tiller, will sprout from both ends and you will NEVER get it out of your garden. For every one you pull, two buried ones will spring to life.


The grass has taken over my garden this year.

But next year I will know better. I searched the net and found what we should have done...

1. Mow the grass short.

2. During the hottest part of the day, spray grass with a combo of vinegar, orange oil, and molasses and let it sit in the sun for the rest of the day. Repeat if you need to.

The vinegar should be 10 to 20% and made from distilled grain alcohol - NOT acetic acid which is a petroleum derivative. The vinegar will kill the top growth. The orange oil is a surfactant. And the molasses 'causes bacterial bloom to rot the crowns of the grass.

3. Prevent regrowth by laying down THICK layers of wet newspaper (or cardboard), and leaves, compost, mulch, etc. (Lasagna Gardening style). Let it sit all winter and plant in spring.

4. Be diligent about weeding the boarder.


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Thank you! I have a bermuda grass problem....never could find a good natural solution. I'm enjoying your blog! Thanks again!