Show and Tell  

While I'm waiting for pickle to wake up from his nap so we can go to the library, I figured I'd post some photos I took at my parents house yesterday. They have an emerald isle, secreted away, in a sea of subdivisions. And they really make the most of their little paradise. They have planted a veggie garden, grape vines, fig, peach, apple, and pear trees, blueberry bushes, flowers and greenery galore, a weeping willow, a corkscrew willow, and numerous other trees and shrubs. Needless to say it is beautiful! Here's a small glimpse of what you'd find there, if you were to stop by for a visit (click on the photos for a better view)...

Willow trees and garden


This pretty fellow

Young figs with...

Grape vine in the background

The fountain/bird bath

The birds

An odd fall leaf in Spring?

Can you find the toad? He's staying cool by half burying himself in a shady spot.

Here he is!

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Those are some great photos!

Thanks! I couldn't believe the toad was letting me get so close, so I took at bunch of pictures of him. Then I showed them all to the kids and we played a game of spot the toad.

The dragonfly was a really quick snapshot as I was going back in the house (he was right by the door!). He didn't let me get a second shot, so I was lucky that one turn out so well.