Update on Mom  

Mom was released from the hospital and she had her first post-hospital doctors appointment yesterday. The doctor she went to see was her "blood doctor" and he said that the thinks she had a stroke, even though the they didn't find any blockages with a CAT scan (an MRI would have been better but she can't have one). We know that she was treated as though she had a stroke when she went to the emergency room, so that was a good thing. The sooner you are treated for stroke the better your chance of full recovery.

We may never know if she actually had a stroke or not, but we do know that her health has been getting steadily worse for about a decade. So something needs to change. She has too many serious health issues that the doctors have never been able to do anything about or even diagnose with any certainty.

Anyway, she is doing a little better, but not good, and still needs your prayers.


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This is good news, I'm so glad she's doing better. I have been so consumed with my own problems as of lately that I have neglected keeping up on some of my friend's. I'm going to go and read back through to see what I have missed.