Candida Cleanse - Update  

I feel like I have hit a wall with the Candida cleanse. I'm just not seeing any further improvement. For instance, I'm still having issues with my scalp, eyes, and ears, although not as bad. And the rashes, though A LOT milder are still there.

I think I'm going to have get very strict with myself and start looking into other supplement options.

I'm going to let the kids go off the diet, but we are not going to go crazy with the forbidden foods. We are going to continue to keep the sweets and simple carbs to a minimum.


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Give your body some time with the cleansing. :) My personal opinion is that some of the candida symptoms come from secondary conditions like leaky gut, temporary food and chemical intolerances, and continuing detox as the body gets rebalanced.
Other supplements are great though, not saying to skip them...