Friday's Favorite  

Today's favorite is a raggedy looking old teddy bear rocking chair. It's mine, from my childhood, so it's probably over 35 years old. My sister and I each had one and we've kept them for our children. I've never seen another one like them.

The poor thing is pretty worn out --well, he has been through quite a lot. His fur is matted, and he's stained, and generally looks dirty even when he's been cleaned. Threads are hanging, the glue is brittle, and his screws need to be tightened.

But he still has both his googly eyes and the red ribbon around his neck. I think he is still quite charming... And so does Pickle.

This is "his" chair for now. He will pull, push, and drag it around so he can sit and rock wherever he wants in the living room. In this picture he's "reading" a book in his room.

I've been thinking that one day I'll have to replace the rocking springs and try to fix him up a little so he will still be around for my grandkids. I don't know if they will love him as much as I do, but I hope so.


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How neat that you kept this all these years!! I don't have much from my childhood b/c I went through a 'cleaning out' stage when I got married, and got rid of SOOOOOOOO many things that I considered useless at the time, and now I'm regretting it. :(

Oh my goodnes, I love that chair. I had a rocking chair that I drug all over the house, but it was my oldest sisters, so she got it. I had to get one for my children.

And I love that he's reading Mercer Mayer...we LOVE the Little Critter books! :)