New Finds  

I added a separate blog roll for new [to me] blogs I run across called "New Finds". These are blogs that look interesting, but I'm just getting familiar with them, so I don't know if I want to add them to my regular list, yet.

Now, I'm ok with differing political views as long as the blog owners are not pounding their podium and as long as they're not too wacko. The same goes with religious views (to a point --there are some beliefs I wouldn't want to be responsible for giving an audience to, on Judgement Day).

I'm saying all this just so you know that I don't know everything about these blogs yet. And while I may not agree with everything I've seen so far, I haven't found anything particularly offencive. If you do run across something offencive or disconcerting, let me know so I can take that blog off my list.


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