Pickle Quotes  

Here are just a few Pickle quotes from yesterday... most were said before 12 o'clock.

Me: "I love snuggling with you!"
Pickle: "Aw, you ah so cuuute."

Pickle: "It time to go to Nanny house?"
Me: "We're not going to Nanny's house today."
Pickle: "Oh, ok.... affer lunch?"

[While palying with my hair]
"I like you cuhly ha-er."

[While holding the controler for an RC truck and running full tilt]
"Momma look! I push da red buttens en I SUPUH FASS BOY!"

[Putting on his Auburn cap]
Pickle: "Momma, I wa-rin my tiger hat!"
Me: "Yep"
Pickle: "Tiger rih-wee ANGWY. He angwy tiger."

[Playing with his toy animals]
"One di-saur figh udder di-saur [fighting sounds].... Poooor di-saur."

And my absolute favorite Pickle quote of the day...
"Momma, a liddle bird ow-side, was seeenin' Jesus Luz Me."

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