Busy Getting Nothing Done  

I washed, peeled, and cut up some pears this morning. Put them, along with the peels, in a huge pot and covered them with water. I cooked them until they were soft, mashed them, and let them cool. The plan is to make some pear honey and jelly.

I went outside around noon, while the pear mash was cooling, and picked more pears and a few figs. But when I came inside and immediately felt like I was going to throw up and/or pass out. I had gotten too hot without realizing it. Honest, I didn't feel that hot and I wasn't even sweating that much. I took a nap. Now I'm trying to finish the pear honey and get a late supper on the table.

I did not get the fall garden seeds started, nor did I get the garden prepared. The kids pulled the corn stalks out, but appearently, that was as far as it got.


I will let y'all know how the pear honey turns out. I know it is tasting really good so far. But it will be a long night of cooking and canning it. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures if all goes well.... if I mess it up then there doesn't need to be photographic evidence of that, now does there? :)

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