I saw a set of cheater chopsticks that are hinged like a clothespin and I thought, "I can do that!" So I did. And you can too. Easy. Maybe not as easy as the rubberband trick, but a lot cooler. =D

So here's how you hack a set of chopsticks in five easy steps:

1. Get some to-go chopsticks and a clothespin.

2. Take them both apart.

3. Slip the end of the chopstick in the hinge from the clothespin, like this. Decide where you want the crossbar to go and mark it. Mark the other chopstick in the same place.

4. Make a small groove for the crossbar to fit into. Yep, I just used a butterknife.

5. Assemble. This may take a little maneuvering, but it's not *that* hard. You'll figure it out.

And there ya' go! Easy!

And here, Pickle is trying them out. If I did it again I would place the hinge a bit closer to the end and turn the sticks so that the crossbars went across the widest sides of the sticks, instead of the narrowest... and that is my advice to you. Have at it!

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Muy bueno este truco, muy original muchas gracias, te pongo en mi blog saludos


Great idea!!! The kids love using chop sticks, but always have a problem holding them together. This looks like it'll help a lot. Must give it a try!!