Butt Covers & Cleaners (Diapers & Wipes)  

I have been piddling [teehee she said "piddle" :snicker:] around with cloth diapers for a while, but a few weeks ago, I switched to all cloth and found out it ain't so bad - especially since Princess does the laundry. LOL!

Ok, ok, I do the diaper changing and dunking. All she has to do is dump the bucket of diapers into the machine. So it's not like slave labor or anything.

Anyway, I'm using a combo of Fuzzi Bunz (I hope I misspelled that right), gDiapers (I use cloth in them and love 'em), and just plan ol' flats and prefolds.

I wanted more flats and prefolds 'cause I use them in the FBs, the gDiapers, and just by themselves. But the few I have were given to me at my baby shower over a year ago so I had no idea they wouldn't be easy to get.

I went looking for them at WallyWorld. I had to go twice before I found any, and when I did find them, they were both inexpensive and "cheap". Could've read thru them. And I have to say, I am not spending a bunch of money online for a fancy version of something as simple as a prefold diaper!

I thought, "That will be a good project for Princess and me!" So I looked into making some.

There are TONS of websites out there that are very helpful in this regard, but this one... "Sew a Diaper Stash for $30 or Less!" ...was especially inspiring to me.

And one day, Nanny (my mom --she used to have a real name but now she has kids and grandkids so it's only used at doctors' offices) and I went to the local "thrift store". I headed for the bedding section and found some really cute, thick, flannel sheets. Then I found one thinner, flat sheet made of flannel, and a fitted sheet made of heavy cotton knit (T-shirt fabric only weightier). I paid less than $10 for all of it. And today I picked up some thread for Nanny's serger (overlock sewing machine)!

Here's my loot (and my stained, ripped, linoleum floor and Pickle trying to find more banana in the banana peel)...

I see homemade diapers in Pickle's future.... Stay tuned, this could be funny.


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Pickle's not much of a nickname for the starting LT of the Auburn Tigers, hon. Tiger or Critter is better, I think.


Hey WR,

We have a Pickle too :)

I'd like to see your diapers when you get them made.