Here We Go...  

I don't know what I will do with this little home on the web. Having never so much as kept a diary I'm not sure I have anything to talk about. But...

I'm a big-time info junkie, so I may use it to share my latest finds.

It'd be fun to post photos of my latest art, sewing, or craft project. You'll find that I dream up a lot of them, start very few of them, and finish almost none of them. LOL!

Seeing as I'm a mom, you know I've got to talk about how incredibly adorable my children are (it's required by the mommy union or I'll loose my right to buy junk-filled ice cream and say it's for the kids).

And although I hope to keep it light and fun I have been known to break out with an exhortation on occasion.

One day I may even tell the story behind the name of this blog.


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welcome to blog land!

Yeah! Welcome to blog-dom, WR.
I hope you don't mind, but I added you to my list. Have a great day.
Happy blogging. BTW I look forward to seeing your artwork. I'm so NOT an artist.

Hi WR,

Welcome to blogger :) We are off on vacation this afternoon but I'll check back in when we get home. Have a great week!