Things are afoot  

I decided to add a bunch of articles I saved from the church newsletter I was in charge of several years ago. Some of these I wrote but most of them are articles I found and edited to fit the space I had.

I'm going to post them with a date from last year, just so they won't be at the top of the page but still available.


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Ah-ha I had your blog on with the playlist blarring, and church friends stopped by ! Ha-ha, they couldn't hear the re-mix and now think i listen to rap, LOL
So, you blog already made my night.
Holly aka all2Jesus on WTM

Hehe. I got in trouble at one church for giving out a Christian rap single to a few kids. I shouldn't have done it without the parents’ permission, and learned my lesson, but if they had listened to the words it may have made a difference in how they felt about the incident. It was very a very evangelistic song (one of the girls in that class got saved).