Going Home  

I've been staying at my parents house this weekend, to take care of their birds while they were away. It's been a nice break from the routine. The first night it was just me and Pickle and we had some great one on one time!

But I didn't eat like I should and by the second night I was not feeling well and became quite tired and grumpy. Also, Pickle did not have a good nap all day (he normally has two) and was quite hyper and unable to listen to correction. So Bull took him home and Rooster and SweetPea stayed with me last night. Unfortunately, we didn't get as much time together. They are older and run off to play or do their own things. :sigh:

Well, I'm heading home today as Mom and Dad will be back later this afternoon. The birds are still alive (thank God), I am rested, and would like to spend some time with My Man before he has to go back to the daily grind.


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