Day by Day  

I've decided to do a lot more "This is My Day" type of posting. Kinda like a public diary. I've been spending less time at my favorite online communities and so this is a way to feel like I'm staying in touch with my OLF's --ya know, meet that need to "chat". LOL!

Well today, I am starting a cleanse to rid myself of Candida. The other family members (except Pickle) are kinda doing it along with me. All but one of them volunteered so the last one got drafted. LOL.

I'm not going to be as strict on them as myself, of course. But it's a lot easier to just cook once at each meal, than to make a meal for everyone else, a different one for me, and then sit down to eat while watching the rest of the family nom on stuff I can't have.

If I had to do that, this would be my next post...

more cat pictures

The only other stuff going on today is a trip to the library. Yay! We love library day! And I have to think of something to do with the TON of figs Mom and Dad brought back for me. I can eat a lot of figs (YUM, they are one of my favorite fruits) but not this much, and I don't' want to can them 'cause you have to add a lot of sugar to do that. I'll probably freeze most of them and put the rest in the fridge for snacks.

See Ya',

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Can you dry them like prunes? Just thinkin' out loud. :-) I'd love to try your figs. What bout making fig fuit leather?