Green Beans. I has 'em.  

I have a pile of green beans in the fridge and more in the garden waiting to be picked. It's really not that much --too much to cook before they go bad, but hardly enough to make it worthwhile to can them, IMO. But I need to get out there and pick them and then go to Mom and Dad's house so Mom can show me how to can them anyway. That's what I need to do, but this is how I feel about it...


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Our green beans are done, thankfully. I ended up freezing instead of canning as I was too scared of the whole pressure canning experience.
This is mainly because my Grandmother wanted me to have her pressure canner. She said the seal still looked really good. The bought it in 1945 and still has the original book that went with it.
Love the chickens/roosters, BTW.

I'm up to eyeballs in green beans too! The canner seems to go nonstop! But I love seeing my shelves full and knowing that I don't have to buy them all winter.

I hope you're feeling better soon! I keep telling myself that I'll do a good cleanse "soon"...whenever that is!