I Confess...  

Ok, ok! I confess! I'm one of those goofy moms who makes up stupid little songs and poems for and about my kids. I do it all the time, without much thought (and it shows! LOL!).

Here's one of my "masterpieces". *snort*

[SweatPea]'s a banana,
She's long and thin,
The only thing she's missin' is the yellow skin!

This next one shows off my originality. *sputter*

I love you.
You love me.
One and one and one makes three.
Two little boys and a girl for me.
Growin' our family tree.

Some of them the kids don't like, some they laugh at, and some they remember and repeat. Every once in a while I come up with something I can't help but laugh at, and simultaneously hope they wont repeat in public. :) My latest is in that category. Ya' see, Pickle has a mild diaper rash, and I made this one for him while changing his diaper.

I have a b*tt.
My b*tt is red.
It's at the opposite end from my head.
Not many things my b*tt can do,
All it does is f*rt and poo.


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uh.... I think you need to get out more.....;-) :-*