Thank You Dr. Gary!  

Dr. Gary is our chiropractor. He's a Christian, a husband, a father to four boys, and a really good chiropractor. (He also likes garden-fresh tomatoes.)

I've had mild back pain for years. At times it was worse than usual but then it would ease up again. I just thought it was something I had to live with. Then I got pregnant with Pickle and my back started getting worse. I hoped things would go back to normal after the birth.

Some time after that, Bull injured his back and started having tingling in his legs that just wouldn't go away. Some days it was so bad that he couldn't concentrate on anything else. He decided to try a chiropractor.

The first one he went to wouldn't give him a plan of treatment that ended with recovery. He seemed to want dh to just keep coming back --and tell all his family and friends how much they all needed see the chiropractor too. There was a heavy pushing of products and services and they wanted Bull to invite everyone he knew to come to "parties" at the office were they too could hear about these products and services. And to top it off, Bull was not seeing any benefit from his visits. So he stopped going, but his back wouldn't let him just forget the whole thing.

About that time, someone recommended Dr. Gary. So Bull decided to give it another try.

By then I had recovered from the birth and surgery (my second C-section) and was starting to understand that a lot of things were just not getting better --and my back was one of them. I was having back pain that was waking me up every night and I started each day in pain. So, Bull decided to make an appointment for me too. Dr. Gary got Bull in working order fairly quickly and help me immensely (our insurance doubled our copay before my treatment was over, and I was feeling so much better that I decided to stop going for a while).

Then recently, when pickle had been walking for a few months, we began to worry about his inability to go two days in a row without falling down and hitting his his head. The boy constantly had a bruise or knot on his head somewhere, and I regularly watched him for signs of a concussion.

His feet tended to turn in, but the left foot more so than the right. And believe it or not his adorable little baby b*tt crack was crooked! It veered to the left at the top and it had been that way since he was born, but thank God that was beginning to straighten out.

Still, the constant falling was not getting better, it was getting worse. Once, he gave himself two busted lips, a bloody nose, and a bump on the forehead, by falling repeatedly on the hardwood floor, over the span of three days. So we took him to Dr. Gary.

He told us that Pickle's hip joints seemed loose, especially the left side, and if after a few appointments we didn't see any improvement then we should take Pickle to a pediatrician to have x-rays done (it takes a special set-up to x-ray toddlers) to check for serious abnormalities. Well after a few adjustments, things seemed to be improving so I made a few more appointments.

Now, after about six appointments, Dr. Gary is still a little concerned with the position of Pickle's feet but he said that the looseness in his hips is so much improved that he only has one more appointment to go. And I can't believe how dramatic the change is. He went from an almost constant stream of booboos to practically none.

So I am very happy to say that Pickle is now running around and screaming in delight, instead of running and falling and screaming in pain (well no more than any other 1 year old)!


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