Friday's Favorites  

This is a painting done by my mother! She is a self-taught artist. She can work in pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, oil paint, and acrylic paints. I love this painting. She lets me hang it in my home and she gave another beautiful work to my sister. The one my sister has, is of a red fox in the snow. I wish I could show you all her work, she has them all over her home. I grew up around this kind of beautiful art and wanted to be an artist just like my mom. Unfortunately, I can't paint a landscape to save my own hide. So I most just work in portraiture (when I can concentrate enough and have enough time to myself to do it -- which ain't often these days).


P.S, I reserve the right to edit the snot out of this post tomorrow (since it is very late now and I am typing in a hurry) and still call it a Friday's Favorites. :-p

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That's amazing. I can't draw or paint so I am in awe of people who can. That's a really nice painting :)