Friday's Favorites  

This Friday's Favorite is a set of antique bowls Granny Trudy gave to me when she gave me the blue pitcher.

One is a deep, rich brown and the other is a beautiful soft green. There were supposed to be three bowls in the set but Granny could only find two, the smallest one was missing. I believe the small bowl was probably an earthy yellow. She said the other one was around the house somewhere and when she found it, she would let me have it too. As far as I know, she never found it. She started getting forgetful and I never asked her about it.

But I love the two I have. And when I had a place to display them I kept them out all the time but now I try to find a place for them at Christmas.

Oh, and the chair in the pictures used to sit on my grandparents front porch.

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Wouldn't it be cool if someone who had the "missing link" to your set saw your blog and sent it to ya'? Ahh, I am the eternal optimist I guess. Cool bowls.