Please Pray for My Mom  

She's in the hospital.

These are her symptoms:

  • Muscle tremors (She shakes like a Parkinson patient -can't keep her head still; can't touch her finger to her nose and then to the dr's finger)
  • Weak and dizzy
  • Nausea
  • Her blood pressure is fluctuating between normal and low (she usually has high bp)
  • A sensation of falling when she closes her eyes

They've done a CAT scan and there were no blockages. They doctors here are saying they don't know what's wrong or what direction to go in.


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I have prayed for your mom, and for the doctors who are treating her; I prayed that they be granted the wisdom to diagnose her quickly and effectively, without error.

I have been reading your blog (without commenting...hey, I just found you a couple of days ago!) as I prepare to do a Candida cleanse with my husband.

Please let us know how your dear mom is!


Thank you!

I'm going to write an update on mom tomorrow... she had her first post-hospital dr's appointment today.