Candida Cleanse Day 26  

This morning I felt worse than yesterday. I have had terrible inflammation of the digestive system for the last few days and finally broke down and took a dose of over the counter antihistamine. I can't say that I noticed any change other than increased drowsiness.

So I made myself eat some soup made of beef broth, shredded cabbage & carrots, with olive oil drizzled over top. Then, when I felt a little stronger I started on a home remedy for the die-off.

I took some plantain seeds that I had harvested from my yard and "sifted" them somewhat, so that I had more seeds than husks. Then, because I don't have a coffee grinder, I set up a kind of mortar and pestle with my egg-separator and the end of a wooden, child-sized, rolling pin.

SweetPea and I took turns crushing the seeds 'til I thought most of them were probably cracked. Then I took a spoonful and washed them down with a big glass of water. I've been drinking a good amount of water since then and I think this has been the most effective thing I've tried. I feel much better. So good in fact, I think I'll cook supper.

I will post more about Plantain (what, how, why, etc.) in another post.

Oh and I think the blue nails, Tuesday night, was from low blood pressure. Herxheimer reaction can cause a drop in blood pressure and I already have low blood pressure so mine dropped really low. So taking the cayenne was the right thing to do. Although, if I had known it was low blood pressure at the time, I would have infused olive oil with rosemary and rubbed in on my chest because that works to bring blood pressure back up pretty quickly.


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Oh WR! I hate to hear of you feeling so miserably. I hope you are well very soon!