Candida Cleanse - Sick as a Dog  

Ok, here's what's been going on with me for the last two days.

I had been having some severe itching in some spots where I'm prone to have yeast rashes along with the other aches and pains I described in my candida cleanse posts. Then Tuesday I realized something was happening.

I developed a headache with painful "stuffy" ears and my eyes hurt so bad I just wanted to keep them closed. Then came the body aches. I hurt all over. I was certain I was coming down with the flu. I started sweating while doing nothing more than sitting on the couch. But, even though I lost my appetite, I never got nauseous or threw-up like I always do with the flu.

I actually felt a little better for a while in the afternoon after getting outside for a bit and was able to eat a small meal (the only one of the day).

That evening, I was going to the bathroom a LOT, and I began to get chills and could not get warm. I was extremely dizzy/lightheaded (I was drinking to stay hydrated so I'm pretty sure that wasn't the problem) and told my older children what to do if I should pass out (because I felt as though I might, at any moment). My hands, feet, and nose felt like blocks of ice, and I was extremely weak.

After the kids were in bed and I started getting ready to turn in, it was getting ridiculous how cold my hands were and so I was moving them more to try and warm them. That's when I noticed that my nails were turning blue. At first I wondered if I had a blood clot but then reasoned that it probably wouldn't affect both my hands and there would probably be other symptoms like swelling. Also I had started spotting (women will know what I'm talking about without my giving TMI) so then I thought maybe my blood was "too thin". In any case, I decided to take some cayenne. I knew it would help me warm up and has the added benefit of regulating blood pressure and bleeding problems.

I was still feeling like I could pass out at any time but I was too weak to stay up long enough to see if the cayenne was going to work so I went to bed.

Several times early in the night and would wake-up enough to be aware that I was warming up but that the feeling of vertigo and being near unconsciousness was still there and I felt the worst I had all day. I thought about calling my sister but didn't know what she could do other than take me to the hospital and I didn't want the kids to wake up to something like that and so I told myself that if it got any worse, then I'd call. Eventually I slept well, and woke up feeling a little better.

So yesterday, I had a milder version of the same... sweating, headaches, body aches, diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite (though I was able to eat more than the day before), ears hurt, eyes hurt, but with the addition of abdominal cramping and minus the spotting, dizziness, and chills. I've lost 7 lbs in two days.

Today I feel better than yesterday, but I'm still not 100%.

During this time I stopped taking the Candida Clear and other supplements except for grapefruit seed extract. I figured if had the flu then the GSE might help. And last night I took some saccharomyces boulardii. But I suspect it may be a Herxheimer reaction (immune system reaction to severe die-off), because none of the kids are sick, even though right up 'til Tuesday, I was sticking my finger into Pickle's mouth a couple times a day to apply a homemade teething ointment.

Well, I need to go rest now so I will be up to taking Rooster to football practice later today. I just wanted to post this here because it's easier than trying to update my OLFs individually. Hope y'all understand and forgive the "impersonal" reply.


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Yikes woman!That is very scary. I think I would have gone to the hospital! Especially if my nails turned blue! I hope you get to feeling 100%. You are probably right, it's severe die off. But I've never heard of the blue fingernails, since that would be a lack of oxygen issue.
blessings, Sarah