Candida Cleanse Day Whatever  

I'm still somewhat sick. I have spells of being very tired and I'm generally weaker than normal. I'm also only eating about one good meal a day and have frequent abdominal "discomfort" and some bouts of sweating. Not so many trips to the bathroom but that's probably because I'm not eating as much and so that kind of thing doesn't seem to hit me 'til the evenings. But I am able to go out and get some things done during the day and not have everyone ask me if I feel ok (I think acting normal when you are sick is a female trait). I haven't stopped the candida cleanse but I'm not taking as many anti-fungals as before. Started adding back in a Candida Clear twice a day and will be rotating it out for something else about every other day or so. I am now certain this is a Herxheimer reaction.


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