Friday's Favorites + Salt  

We buy Celtic Sea Salt from The Grain & Salt Society and our latest order arrived yesterday. So I decided that, not only would I show you one of my antique store finds, I'd show you how I "prep" my salt.

First, today's favorite... This is an old general store "5 pounds" jar that I got for $5 at a really great junky little antique store (which I rarely get to shop at, let alone buy at). I love this jar!

We buy the salt in five pound bags, so this jar has been perfect for storing it.

When the salt arrives, it is still damp. When you put damp salt in a salt grinder it will clump. Not only that, but when you try to grind it will stick to the outside of the grinding mechanism and if you don't get it off it will clump up and dry hard.

So this is what I do... I cut open the bag and spread the salt out on the largest, rimmed, cookie sheet I have. Then I put it a warm oven for a few hours and stir it occasionally. When I think it's sufficiently dry, I take it out and let it come to room temperature.

Then I add powdered kelp.

I stir again, scoop it into the jar, and refill the salt grinder.

This time, I also put some in a jar for my Mom and Dad.

And here's that wonderful jar of salt.


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Well aren't you nifty!

I love your jar, too. I'm a sucker for great containers.



Hi Mommy.


Cool idea, cool jar..... Thanks for the idea! ;)

Your blog has had a makeover since I stopped by last....I like it!


This post just came in very handy! I had no idea I would have problems grinding my sea salt! Then I remembered you had posted something a while ago about drying sea salt... And yay, now I know how to take care of it! Thanks so much!