Wellness Wednesday Tag  

Hmm, it's Wednesday... and you want to talk about a health-related topic... don't you wish you had a nifty little graphic, with some witty alliteration, to put at the top of your post?

Well, here ya' go! ; )

Wellness Wednesday

Feel free to use the above graphic with a few conditions...

  1. I took the photo as well as creating the graphic elements so do not alter the image (other than adjusting its size) or use any part of it for any other purpose without my express permission.
  2. The graphic needs to link back to this post on my blog.
  3. Only G-rated blogs may use this graphic.

Oh, and I would really appreciate a comment with a link to your blog, if decide to use this graphic.

Thank you,

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I'm thinking about doing the Wellness Wednesday... How do I make the picture link back to here??

Save the image to your computer or photo hosting site. Use the 'add image' button to add it to your post. Then select the image and click on the 'link' button and put the addy ( http://whiterocksplaceat.blogspot.com/2008/09/wellness-wednesday-tag.html ) in the pop up.

That should do it but test it and let me know if there is a problem.

I need to figure out how to put the code, itself, in the post so people can just copy and paste it into their text box. But the hack that Bull told me about is not working... blogger keeps trying to run the code instead of dispay it.


Thanks, I am going to do my article on Cranberries for my first one. BTW what program did you use to make the "logo"? I want to make on for my "Set Apart Sunday"

I'm afraid my answer won't help you much. I don't have one program that does everything I need to do. So I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Word, Power Point, and Paint.