The "Good" Test Video  

Yes, this is long... but it is WELL worth your time to watch it all the way through!


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I'm trying to copy this Good Test video for my blog and I can't figure out how to get it on my post... how'd ya' do it?

You can either wait for the video to stop playing and a thing will show up that says "embed"... or just click on the YouTube logo and that should take you to the page where this video is posted. Then, over to the right, to should be able to find a little thing that says "embed". Just copy the code in the little "embed" box, and paste it into your post.

Clear as mud? LOL!


Oops, the "embed" box doesn't just show up when the video is over, anymore. You have to click on the ^ arrow on the tool bar at the bottom of the video window. Then click on the thing that pops up and you'll see it.


ok, well I tried the embed thingy and it didn't work on mine so I figure the settings are screwy or something... I just deleted it. Thanks for trying to help! Hugs,

Try again, but paste it into a blank post and don't do anything else to the post excet hit publish. See if that works.

I'm going to try and post better instructions on the WTMFriends forum.