To Do List  

There's stuff that I've been meaning to get done around here for months! And I've never gotten around to it (that's typical of me). Well this week, while Bull is out of town on business, I'm going to pull out a few of these projects, make great big ol' mess, and try to finish before he gets back.

Here's my list. It's all mundane stuff, nothing creative, just stuff that needs to be done.

To Do:

  • I've got a ton of baby clothes (from the last two kids!) that I just couldn't bear to part with, so they are in boxes and bags all over the house.... I'm over it. I'm going to go thru them, keep a few extra special things, and sell the rest. We need the money and space.

  • Last year SweetPea and I hit the after Christmas sales and bought a bunch of supplies to make Christmas themed earrings to sale this year. We worked on them 'til we ran out of fittings, so now's the time to dig 'em out, finish them up, and see if we can make our money back. LOL!

  • I need to rearrange my kitchen. It is beyond inefficient right now. I not only want to move the microwave, and see if I can find a place for all the large items that are just sitting on the counter now, I also want to.....

  • Clean out the herb cabinet. I'm going to get rid of old stuff and try to find containers for everything. It would be so great to have a matching set of small, medium, and large tinted jars with printed labels.... ok, back to reality. I'll probably try to cram everything into canning and baby food jars and label them with a permanent marker. But it will be nice to get rid of all the plastic bags I'm using now.

  • It is a MUST to go thru the kids stuff and get rid of broken, unused, and forgotten toys and gadgets before Christmas comes around. So why not get a start on it this week?

  • Clear off or set up a space for me. I used to do art work on commission. Now I don't have the attention span for it. But, maybe, just maybe, if I have a nice sunny space set aside to work in, with all my stuff right there and organized.... ok, stop laughing honey -you too Daddy and Special K!


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If I were closer, I'd come & help! I LOVE to do this sort of thing, at least at my own house! I'm addicted to decluttering!

Happy Organizing!

Go For it ! I just saw today how my bags of flour and sugar are leaking ! It's like saying " come one, come all, bugs and rodents alike" Yuck, i gotta do it !


I LOVE making lists :) They just help make getting started fun!

good luck, my friend.