I just finished reading the first book in the Little Britches series aloud, to the kids. Even though I knew before starting the book, that his father was going to die at some point, I could barely read through the tears! Rooster was a man and barely let a tear escape (but a few did). SweetPea is still crying.

BTW, I've haven't accomplished even one of the things on my to do list. Boohoo!


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I'll not be reading that one, right now we're on Robinson crusoe, oh the drama .

I just must get my hands on this book. I love books that make me cry - the more I cry... the better the book :)

It’s called Little Britches - Father and I Were Ranchers. The whole series is actually an autobiography. The author, Ralph Moody, lived from 1898 to 1982 and this, the first book in the series, is about his family moving out of the city to a ranch that nobody else would have bought, and how they tried to make it work. Throughout the book you have to keep reminding yourself that he is only 8-9 years old! He did a lot of man's work. And his dad was an exceptional husband and father. I highly recommend this wonderful book!



I've got in on order through our neighborhood library. I can't wait to dig in :)

Oh, you are so sweet, WR!

I will have to check this out...but I hate trying to read through tears...and I am such a baby when I read books. Sigh...


Have you read anymore of the series yet? Been missing you. Take care!