To Did and To Didn't List  

Remember my To Do list from September? If not.... it's only two posts down.
Well I wanted to update.
So here's the honest and ugly truth...

  • The baby clothes are still here. As well as summer clothes and clothes they have simply grown out of.

  • PhotobucketThe earrings are finished and SOLD! We made some money! We also learned from our mistakes and will hopefully increase our profit margin next year (I need to be able to pay my salespeople Photobucket )..... if Bull lets me do this again next year. LOL!

  • Rearanged most of the kitchen but stalled and never finished.

  • The herbs are still in plastic bags, piled in a cabinet.

  • Haven't gone thru the toys and gadgets and probably won't before the new year.

  • Ain't gonna happen. LOL!


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I have a dear friend who helps me separate my emotions from stuff, then hauls it out for me, it's good to have friends when a duanting task is in front of you.

missed you for awhile! Glad to hear your herbs and toys and clothes are all still accounted for... :-)