I've been counting my blessings lately and thought I'd share a few of the things on my list. These are not huge things, nothing profound, just little things I've been thanking God for -- you may think some of them are silly but am thankful for every one of them.

  • Tomatoes from the garden that are piling up all over the kitchen counter.

  • Fresh figs, summer squash, and peaches given to us by family.

  • Blueberries, found on sale, to eat with my cottage cheese.

  • A second freezer with frozen tomatoes, figs, grapes, and blueberries in it for when the fresh ones are all gone.

  • Harvesting onions, peppers, or greenbeans right out of the garden when I need them for something I'm cooking.

  • New recipes, that my family loves, from friends I haven't even met.

  • A bag of free pecans that we picked up various places earlier in the year.

  • Learning where the good pecan trees are so we can pick up even more next year.

  • Watermelons on the vine and lots of cantaloupe blooms (and the hope of cantaloupes soon).

  • Wild bees to pollinate our garden and ladybugs to eat the aphids.

  • Purple Martins who kept most of the moths out of the garden and flies out of the house (the flies have always been really bad here, 'til this year).

  • Being able to see such beauty every day when I walk outside.

  • Wildflowers and weeds in my yard, instead of a boring stretch of plain ol' grass.

  • Learning how to tell which weeds are toxic, which are useful, and which are just very pretty if you give the a place of their own to grow.

  • The fig tree that we thought had died last year, came back this year and is doing well.
  • Finding little things on sale that I can use to bless others.

  • All the people who have blessed me so many times in so many ways.

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Hi Whiterock! I enjoyed your blessings list. You've inspired me to think gratefully this morning :)


You ARE blessed....take it from the downtown girl who has a 10x10 backyard with NO room for a garden but would desperately love to have one!! :) Enjoy all those fresh fruits and veggies.