Candida Cleanse Day 4  

Not a lot to report, really. I itch all over, it's not that bad except on my scalp (that's where it's always been the worst). Ears, throat, and the roof of mouth itches. Body odor is still bad, and breath is too. And I know you won't believe this is related to Candida but over the years I've learned that, for me, it is... the plaque in my mouth has gotten really bad. It gets very thick on my teeth throughout the day. When I had the Candida under control I was surprised at how much cleaner my teeth stayed.

Cottage cheese with flax seed oil and fruit.

Leftover casserole.


Super Enzymes at each meal
Grapefruit Seed Extract in a small cup of orange juice at breakfast
Candida Clear with breakfast and dinner
Two capsules of Gr8-Dophilus
Pau D'Arco Tea


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