Candida Cleanse Day 2  

I cut out refined sugar and started restricting simple carbs like bread, rice, and potatoes yesterday. I've taken a couple of doses of Candida Clear so far. I am also taking a Super Enzymes tablet with my meals --when I remember. It contains an enzyme that breaks down the walls of yeast cells. And last night I drank a cup of ginger tea, which made my throat burn with every sip but it didn't taste bad at all.

Today I ate an omelet and bacon for breakfast, a bowl of plain yogurt with fruit, nuts, and probiotic powder in it for lunch, and Rooster is cooking pork roast for dinner. Breakfast and lunch were so good it made me wonder why I don't eat like this all the time.

I find it interesting that I'm not craving chocolate. I love dark chocolate but it's not on my GOT-TO-HAVE-IT-NOW-! list at the moment. Actually I'm craving ice cream, doughnuts and soda, but that's nothing new, I've had those cravings for months. The soda craving is usually the worst, but right now I'd push one of my kids down to get to a doughnut! Ok. not really, but you get the picture. Yeast loves sugar so that's probably why I've been craving the more sugary things instead of the dark chocolate.

The sore spots in my mouth are gone. My ears are still stuffy and are starting to hurt. I'm still tired, and now my throat is itchy and my eyes are getting "sore" and "sticky" (hard to describe) . These are some of the symptoms I've had off and on from the Candida infection and, since it's only the second day, are probably not from the cleanse or die-off. But I have been spending an unusual amount to time in the bathroom. Which probably is from the antifungals.

So that's it for today. I know you just can't wait to hear more. LOL!


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It is intresting, b/c everone has different reaction. I was feverish and sluglike.
Hope u kick it !