Candida Cleanse Day 3  

I was so tired today I almost fell asleep sitting up, once or twice. So when Pickle went down for his second nap, around 4:30, so did I. SweetPea woke me up when Pickle woke up, two hours later. I could have easily gone back to sleep and slept through 'til morning. I am still just as tired as I was before the nap.

Yogurt with fruit and nuts.

Hot dog quesadilla -chopped and sauteed, hot dog, onion, and bell pepper put it on a flour tortilla, sprinkled with cheese, folded tortilla over, and fried 'til crisp.

A TexMex casserole.

I took Super Enzymes at each meal, Grapefruit Seed Extract in a small cup of orange juice at breakfast, Candida Clear with breakfast and dinner, and two capsules of Gr8-Dophilus after dinner.

Irritated bloodshot eyes (really bad last night but mostly gone today)
A painful, itchy skin rash on upper thigh and another starting under arms
Irritated, but not congested, nasal passages
A little queasy
Stronger body odor
Ears ache
Itchy throat
Flem in throat


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Do you suspect the thigh and under arm are from shaving?
Before I detoxed I used an expensive eye cream, the while detoxing the whole area i put the cream broke out red and sore?

Naw, those are just the places I've had yeast rashes before so that's where I'm getting my flare-ups now.